How we can help you

NetWiseLive is used like an Intranet but it is managed by Shared-Solutions to avoid any burden on your own IT. Content can be easily uploaded by your own staff and we can provide support if required.
Shared- Solutions will redesign NetWiseLive to make it special to your culture and we will also change the module and access rights to fit in with your needs.
Tailoring NetWiseLive can take as little as a week depending on your requirement.
NetWiseLive is largely intuitive but a range of support tools are provided. You can use much of your existing training material but this will be enhanced with video and audio supplements to make it suitable for on-line use.
NetWiseLive can be accessed 24hr a day from either the user's own pc or laptop at home or from the company depending on employee/employer preferences.They will need a webcam,microphone and broadband access for conferencing and the ability to view flash and windows media files but they don't necessarily need Microsoft Office® applications.


  • We can undertake a business audit to identify instant benefits
  • We can work with you to undertake benefit trials
  • We can provide all the NetWiseLive associated services such as:-

→Technical and management support
→Content and Content Management
→Bespoke development
→Application integration
→Complete NetWiseLive administration and management

  • We will tailor the support package and service levels to meet your requirements


People we've worked for


  • Warwick University
  • HK PolyU
  • LSC
  • Marconi
  • Fore Systems
  • PERA
  • Volex
  • MacLellan Inc
  • MacLellan IFM (India)
  • Haden (India)
  • Howarth Franchising
  • Allkare
  • Alandale


Who we are


  • Shared-Solutions Ltd has been working with interactive communities for 20 years
  • Based in Coventry UK
  • Partners in US
  • Company operating since 1992
  • Own designers, consultants and support team
  • Designed and built NetWiseLive over 5 years with 2 years testing
  • Originally built to help deliver MSc degrees for University of Warwick
  • We will help CEO's and Retail HR Directors achieve brand excellence and service consistency across all their branches.


What we do


NetWiseLive is an Intranet-like software programme that has been specially designed for company use. Unlike an Intranet which tends to be "one-to-many", NetWiseLive is many-to-many and contains the necessary controls needed by companies.

It is very comprehensive - like Microsoft Office® where one tool works with another - but it is a software programme designed for developing and retaining people.

It uses a combination of different management, communication and learning tools to make it one of the most comprehensive employee engagement and development software programmes you will find in Retail.

It is modular and the structure allows administrators to tailor both tools and content for different levels of employee, and different communities of employees. It contains tracking programmes so that managers can track progress of their teams (they can then intervene when appropriate) and Video conferencing, combined within the tools so that each team has its own vc space.

NetWiseLive includes different editors so that uploading, editing and publishing content is easy whether it is video, audio or different Office type documents.

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